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#CastAnEternalVote Before Election Day!

#CastAnEternalVote Before Election Day!

Blog Post 73 - Cast An Eternal Vote

Election Day is almost upon us.  Before we vote for president, let’s #CastAnEternalVote – a simple act of service for someone in Jesus’ name that will have an impact lasting far longer than just the next four years.

That message has reached 700,000 people so far on social media.  Tens of thousands have expressed their support for Vote for Eternity 20:16.  What a blessing to see so many frustrated Christian voters encouraged by this initiative and inspired to #CastAnEternalVote!

Why We Started Vote for Eternity 20:16

Frankly, we understand their frustration – both with the state of our nation and with the options before us on November 8th No presidential candidate stands solidly in the Christian camp on the issues most of us hold dear.  That’s left many of us wondering about the future of our country – yet feeling powerless to do much about it.  You only get one vote for president next Tuesday and there’s a good chance the outcome is not going to end up in your favor.

However, Christians have more of a say in who winds up in God’s house than in the White House – and that’s what really matters.  “Vote for Trump 2016” or “Vote for Hillary 2016″ are not your only options.  YOU can “Vote for Eternity 20:16” by following Matthew 20:16 (“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”)

And YOU can keep casting those eternal votes, even after the election.  As Matthew 20:25-26 says: “Jesus called them together and said, ‘You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.'”  It’s the perfect verse to express our need as Christians to worry a little less about rulers and authorities and be servants instead.  That mandate applies both now and when Donald or Hillary sits in the Oval Office.

During this final week before the election, Vote for Eternity 20:16 continues to remind us that God is in control.  Politicians battle for supremacy in this nation, but Jesus remains Lord of all.  The winds of political and moral change are blowing – no doubt Christians face stiff headwinds.  Our task is to engage in the culture war – but the most powerful weapon at our disposal is the love of Jesus Christ.

Why This Message is So Critical RIGHT NOW

Christians are on the losing end of nearly every battle in today’s culture war:

  • “Human life” has been redefined, no longer applying to unborn infants.
  • “Marriage” has been redefined, no longer only between a man and woman.
  • “Civil liberties” have been redefined, no longer defending free speech for Christians.

Yes, the Church and Christianity have largely lost their influence in America.  The reason is not complicated but very poorly understood:

  • “Church” has been redefined, no longer viewed as the members but as a place they go on Sundays.
  • The Church’s “customer” has been redefined, retaining and catering to members rather than challenging and equipping them to pursue the lost in the community.
  • “Outreach” has been redefined, now meaning church marketing rather than caring for the helpless and hopeless.
  • “Ministry” has been redefined, now meaning “chores” inside the church rather than sharing the Gospel with those outside the church.

It’s no wonder churches and Christianity are diminishing in growth, impact, influence and public perception.  If believers would redefine those terms to align with Biblical principles, America would be more inclined to revert to the Biblical definitions of the terms it has redefined.

Those failing to understand history are doomed to repeat it.  Jesus rarely said who He was before He had demonstrated His love and compassion.  Jesus didn’t send His disciples out just to preach but also to heal in His name.  Churches were the food bank and homeless shelter for 1900 years.  As Churches pulled away from society, society has pulled away from them.  When churches turned their attention from building disciples to building institutions, they waived the white flag on the culture war.

This blog, particularly over the past few weeks as we’ve written about Vote for Eternity 20:16, provides a clear path to reversing those trends – simply imitate Jesus:

How We Plan to Continue to Encourage Christians

Our work is not going to stop next Tuesday.  That message is too important.  First of all, you can still #CastAnEternalVote long after the election.  In addition, Meet The Need is going to launch #GiveAnEternalGift, which will run until Christmas.

Like #CastAnEternalVote, #GiveAnEternalGift is an “ice bucket challenge” for service and evangelism.  We hope it will be as successful in encouraging Christians to BE the living, breathing church to those around them.  Christmas gifts are temporary – but not the eternal gift of leading someone toward Jesus Christ.

It’s Your Turn

You can make an eternal difference in someone’s life.  Before Election Day November 8th, #CastAnEternalVote that will last far longer then the next 4 years

  • Perform an act of kindness for a neighbor, coworker or complete stranger and watch it open the door to sharing the Gospel.
  • Tell your story on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #CastAnEternalVote to inspire others.
  • Challenge 3 of your friends on Facebook or Twitter to “pay it forward”.

And don’t stop there!  Get ready to #GiveAnEternalGift after Election Day!


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  1. Nadworoosci zydowskiej? A gdzie jest ten Zydostan, z ktorego ten chlopczyk byl i jak on trafil do Polski?Aleo co chodzi, jak mam określić chłopca, żeby było ok, skoro nie wypada napisać Żydek, czy żydek, to może Izraelita? Jakoś brzmi dziwnie i nie wszyscy by wiedzieli co napisałem, chyba:).

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