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NOW LIVE! New Interface, Website & Resources!

NOW LIVE! New Interface, Website & Resources!

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As Bob Dylan once said, “The times, they are a-changin’.”

Well, maybe not as dramatically as he meant, but for us at Meet The Need, things certainly have changed.  Over the past few years we’ve been listening to your input and working hard to refine our products, our messaging, and our focus.  We could not be more excited about where we have come!

Today, we officially announce the launch of the all new Meet The Need.  Well, not all new.  Our mission is still the same:

“To mobilize and equip churches and charities to lead millions more to Christ by following Jesus’ example of meeting those in need exactly where they are.”

But starting today, we are now offering you our brand new…

  • state-of-the-art version of our software
  • collection of best-practice ideas and tips designed to increase your impact
  • website where you can quickly access all of our new tools and materials

…and thanks to our generous donors it’s all provided to you at no charge.

This is exciting stuff!

Visit the all new Meet The Need website and start engaging more folks to make a difference for Christ in your community!

About Meet The Need

Meet The Need is the first organization to provide a comprehensive solution to a critical issue – the enormous communication gap in cities between those in need and those who can help.  We empower churches and charities to bring far more help and hope to their cities by giving them all the tools they will ever need to manage and communicate all of their charitable activities.

Meet The Need also understands that software is never the whole answer – systems can’t change hearts and minds.  In other words, the availability of solutions to enable collaboration won’t be effective unless churches recognize the need to engage more in the community.  Therefore, Meet The Need also shares its discovery of the “root cause” for why the vast majority of churches in America today are declining in growth, impact, influence and public perception.  Having worked with thousands of churches, we came to realize that few treat members as the “church” and the community as its “customer” – the model Jesus advocated and the Church followed for 1900 years.  And no organization that treats “insiders” like “outsiders” and largely ignores its target “customer” can possibly succeed.  Find out how to revitalize your church and ministry at


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

Subscribe to the Blog and Get the Free eBook!

Root cause for the Church's decline & its path to Revitalization

“Any organization not focused on its customers, or focused on the wrong customers, cannot succeed.” – Jim Morgan