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Changing Your Serving Culture . . .

Changing Your Serving Culture . . .

From the Holidays to Year Round

Churches and ministries are good at working together to “do good” during the holidays. It is the busiest serving season of the year. BUT IF YOU’RE NOT ACTIVELY ENGAGING AND MOBILIZING CHURCH MEMBERS IN SERVING THE COMMUNITY RIGHT NOW, AFTER THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER:
1)  Families who are still hungry and hurting year round aren’t getting the help and hope they desperately need
The holidays are over but community needs have not ended.  Are you planning ways to continue the holiday serving momentum and external focus year round?  The holidays should be a launching pad to create excitement to continue serving in the new year. We can’t take a deep breath after the holiday activities because poverty doesn’t.

2) Young people are leaving the church when they don’t see it actively engaged in justice and mercy issues…issues that have become increasingly important to that generation

The culture of America is changing.  More and more youth are are looking for ways to serve others and have purposeful encounters to make a difference.  They want to be involved in justice, mercy, and compassion efforts.  The question is “Is the church keeping up?”

3) We’re missing opportunities to walk through the “open door” to work with schools and city governments due to severe budget cuts

It’s been a long time since schools and cities have been so open to working closely with churches and ministries.  The “Church” played a key role in helping those in need for so long, but secular charities and the government assumed much of that responsibility.  Due to the tough economy, we now have a chance to reinvigorate and embrace partnerships with local schools and counties/cities – how will we respond?

4) Society continues to view the church as being about inflow versus outflow.    

Unchurched people hear the church speaking out on issues, but doesn’t see the church consistently sharing God’s love and compassion.  God does not call Christians to “seasons” of outreach ministry but rather to lives dedicated to Him and to reaching others. Without sustained, effective outreach, a church cannot fulfill its purpose and cannot survive.  Service is not seasonal!

5) Keeping momentum going toward uniting and mobilizing churches and ministries to work together to impact the community

We collaborated over the holidays.  Why lose momentum and go back to our own affairs when the Body of Christ is so much more effective working together than apart.  Continue to strengthen relationships, maintain external focus, take workload off your staff, and empower members/volunteers to serve in their passions/skills through Meet The Need.


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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