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Impact Your Community Through City Reaching

Impact Your Community Through City Reaching

What is City Reaching?

City reaching organizations are empowerment liaisons for churches, ministries, agencies, and community organizations throughout your city.

At Meet The Need we also use the term “Hub” to identify a City-reaching  organization. This means that the organization is a one stop shop for sharing resources and support to impact the greater community. City Reaching  organizations or “Hubs”  work by focusing on 5 major areas

  • Unite – Primary Purpose to connect churches, ministries and community organizations to serve their city
  • Equip – Provide Training and resources to assist agencies they serve
  • Empower – Offer services and resources to make serving others easier
  • Connect –  Help to connect those in need with city-wide agencies to receive help – Usually doesn’t offer service(s) to those in need
  • Engage – May plan large events for multiple organizations to serve together and opportunities to engage as one body to make a city-wide difference

Hubs don’t often post needs or support individuals directly but empowers the churches and ministries to post needs instead. This allows person to person contact and gives the organization the opportunity to create direct relationships with those in need and those who can meet needs in their city.

Hubs are go-getters! By communication through their web sites, lunches, webinars, meetings, and  one-on-one training, hubs are constantly sharing MTN to their network of ministries and especially to churches.


City Reaching Best Practices ..

3e McKinney and their partners have been using Meet The Need for over 2 years so there is much application and insight as to the best practices to achieve results.  Earlier  this month we talked to Debi Maerz, an administrative assistant at  3e McKinney and she went into depth about  the following, thus enabling more needs to be met and lives touched in the name of Christ.

  • shares Meet      The Need with their partners
  • empowers their      partners to serve together in large events
  • keeps      the momentum going for a lifestyle of service in McKinney, TX

Watch the webinar now to find out more about specific and practical best practices to make your city-reaching efforts easier, so you can transform your city to serve more.


Going beyond Churches and Community Organizations

Other city reaching initiatives focus on  multiple cities becoming a community hub for Schools.

A few weeks ago GoodCities hosted a webinar with Be|Undivided to talk about the churches role in supporting our public schools. This is a great way for hubs to show empowerment and to initate a multi-church event supporting the community.

What would it look like if 300,000 churches in our nation were serving all 100,000 of our public schools? Could that possibly change the educational outcomes of millions of the nation’s children? Could that break down walls that traditionally divide us socially and economically? Could that inspire entire communities to rally around their schools and their children, turning the page on the story of their lives, and, in turn, the lives of their children?

These are all questions that are the focus of Be|Undivided, a initiative that believes building strong community means making sure kids and schools thrive. Be|Undivided is churches investing time and effort year-round in students and schools. Whatever the need. And without agenda or strings attached. To learn more about BeUndivided Click Here to watch an informational video.




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  1. At Community Improvement Organization Inc(CIO)., we believe that together as a team we can improve the living condition of underprivileged children, the elderly, people with special needs, and low to moderate income families/individuals in our community. I believe we can do it!! Thank you “Meet the Need” for your support to our cause. Iris Paguada/CIO

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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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