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Across the Street and Around the World !

Across the Street and Around the World !


Across the Street and Around the World is the catch phrase we use at The Crossing Church in Tampa,FL  for our Outreach and Missions programs and for the past several years our partnership with Meet the Need has made our local missions (across the street) more effective and efficient through their volunteer management, event management, goods posting and other needs management tools.  The Crossing Church connected members, partners and the community together  through Meet the Need to meet the needs of its’ members and attendees very effectively in local missions but it is  in recent years we have discovered the power of using the Meet the Need tools in the realm of International  Missions (around the world).

Meet the Need has helped tremendously to solve some of the key challenges we were experiencing within our international missions programs:  Short Term Team Leadership recruitment, Short Term Team selection, Short Term Team material needs fulfillment and Missionary Material Needs fulfillment.  Prior to utilizing Meet the Need, if these needs were communicated it was done via word of mouth, platform announcements, bulletin communications and manual emails to the church body.  This was a cumbersome, inconsistent process that in many cases was simply lost in the priorities of church communications and/or not communicated at all.

Effective Communication

With Meet the Need we are able to clearly communicate our International Mission leadership needs and requirements. I am sure that you would agree that Short Term Mission Trips pose some of the highest risk to your church and as a result require the highest level of leadership and training.  At The Crossing a short term mission team leader is required to have an application, background check, interview process, reference check, thorough training through our Culture Link Leadership program as well as attendance as a co-leader in one of our trips.   In the past, communicating the Short Term Trip leader needs was difficult in addition to what the leader requirements were.  This was resolved when we incorporated Meet the Need in our program.   We now post our leadership needs and requirements to an audience of 2,000 in our church and over 25,000 members in the Tampa Area with all of the details necessary to answer the preliminary questions.   By posting the leadership opportunities we have been able fill the leader positions and cover all of the common questions helping to fill our training classes with better informed and qualified candidates.   

We realized the same success in recruiting team members for our trips.   By posting our team member opportunities on Meet the Need we have been able to give detailed descriptions of the trip that include location, dates, nature of the trip, number of team members allowed on the trip, cost and team member requirements to a vast audience  in the Tampa Area.    Prayer team members for the trips are recruited as well as other “home church” positions are posted building visibility and partnership within our church and in the community.  Interested team candidates are responded to quickly via Meet the Need’s automated notification emails and team leaders are able to promptly begin application and training processes with the potential team member.

An added Bonus!

One of the biggest bonuses we have realized through leveraging Meet the Need in International Missions is the ability to post material needs for our teams and Missionaries.  Our teams post needs for supplies that in the past were paid for out of trip funds but are now fulfilled by church members and the community again building partnership and connection to the Short Term Mission Team and the mission within the trip while saving precious trip funds for other outreach activities.  Missionaries are able to post material needs to a broad audience offering another way to partner with them to our church and those in the community.  Posting material needs has saved thousands of dollars for Short Term Mission Teams, blessed countless numbers of people groups and built partnerships that would not have been realized prior to leveraging Meet the Need’s tools in International Missions.

Across the Street and Around the World, Meet the Need’s partnership with The Crossing Church has helped us to be more effective  and efficient in being the salt and light to the communities we serve.



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