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Meet The Need Partnership

Meet The Need Partnership

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Imagine a collaborative effort focused on bringing more hope and help to those in need.  A powerful way to broadcast needs of your local community.  As a volunteer wouldn’t it be great to have one resource as your “go to” platform for helping others?  Is it possible to unite multiple resources to offer a variety of needs all in one place?  Now it is!  Meet The Need is proud to announce a partnership with Christian Volunteering!

Christian Volunteering’s vision is to match hundreds of thousands of volunteers with urban ministry opportunities.  For over 11 years Christian Volunteering has been doing just that.  This partnership will continue to propel the national expansion and vision of Meet The Need.

You can now see needs posted through Christian Volunteering on your site Meet The Need (and vice versa)!  This will enable you to see many more needs in your area as Christian Volunteering expands your members’ choices.

 Meet The Need’s partnership with Christian Volunteering

Click map below to see needs posted nationally

This partnership is allowing more needs to be seen in states where Meet The Need had not entered yet.  As well, it increases the number of needs in areas we already are.  Together we can do more!

Read on for answers to your questions about how this partnership and how you can access all the benefits of seeing more needs in your area.

Question: Do I still have control of the needs that are showing on my website?

Answer: Yes, as a church you still have the option to hide any organization through your dashboard. On the “Select Needs to Display on Your Website” from your dashboard, the words “Syndicated Organization” will be next to the organizations that have entered needs through Christian Volunteering.

If your organization is defaulted to “Visible” and you have an open link to all the needs in your community on your website, then Christian Volunteering needs will automatically show.  If your organization is defaulted to “Not Visible” then the Christian Volunteering needs will be hidden and you can choose to show them by changing your default.

Question: What kind of reporting will I be able to show for my members?

Answer:  As always, you will still have complete reporting of your member’s activity but it will only include activity from postings through MTN.

Will my members still get reminder emails when adopting needs?

Answer: Yes, reminder emails will go through CV to your members who adopt a need of Christian Volunteering.

Question:  How can my members identify a Christian Volunteering need?

Answer: To easily identify a Christian Volunteering need, they appear with a “Powered By:” message on the Details page and your members are given a notice that they are going to the Christian Volunteer website.

We love being able to offer you new and better ways to increase impact in your community and mobilize your members to serve!  If you have any questions about this new partnership, please contact us at 813-527-0222 or


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