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Keys to Getting Your Ministry’s Needs Met

Keys to Getting Your Ministry’s Needs Met

Using Meet The Need to Get Your Ministry’s Needs Met

As a ministry using Meet The Need there are a few steps to take in order to make sure your needs are seen by enough people to get them met. While many ministries have seen instant success in getting their needs adopted there are a few best practices that have proven successful to ensure your maximum potential using MTN.

1. Connect with your Partners

Do your church partners know you’re using Meet The Need? Many organizations hear about MTN from other organizations, directors, conferences, trade-shows and from local churches. From there you sign-up to start posting needs but have you made a connection to your local church so that they can make sure they are showing your posting? Forming church connections is a crucial step in broadcasting your needs to the community.

2. Put a button on Your Website

Is MTN on your Ministry website? Many ministries rely on the church to do all of the broadcasting for them. While the church connection is a critical step to getting needs seen; it shouldn’t be your only method of advertising what you are in need of. Each ministry should have a button on their website homepage that takes visitors   (potential volunteers/donors) to a shopping list of opportunities to support your organization.

3. Drive Traffic to your Website

What good is a button if no one knows its there? Great you have a button on your website now what?  Well it’s time to start driving traffic to your site. You can send an email out to all of your current volunteers letting them know that you now have a new way to receive volunteers. As people call to inquire about opportunities to serve start directing them to you website where they can select the categories and shifts that fit their gifting and availability. Think of all the free time you will have to focus on other things now you’re not coordinating volunteer schedules.

4. Are Your Volunteers Approved Members of Your Organizgtion

So you have a  decent number of regular volunteers how do you connect with them? When you start to drive traffic to your MTN button on your website and people adopt your needs they become a pending member of your organiztion. Now go into your dashboard and approve their membship. This allows them to now receive automatic email about new opportunites to serve. Now you just have to post needs and let our system do the work of informing your members.

5. Post Fresh Needs

Posting Needs is a lot like shopping on the cereal aisle. There are so many brand and types to choose from. Do you want Fruity Q’s with chocolate or with Marshmellows or Fruity Q’s with Chocolate and Marshmellows. Decisions, decision, decisions… With so many needs out there make sure that you consistantely post in order to increse the chances of your need getting met. You can’t just post 1 or 2 needs and wait for a confirmation email;you should continue to post fresh needs to be seen. Also it’s not a bad idea to refresh the description of what your need says so it reads as a new posting.

Check it out!
We’ve created a simple reference Document that talks about the Top 5 Keys to Getting Your Ministry’s Needs Met. Download it Here.



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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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