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Simplified Volunteer Management

Simplified Volunteer Management

Do you know the definitions of Volunteer or Voluntary?

Has it been awhile?  Me too, so straight from the dictionary:

Someone who does something without being forced to do it.


Proceeding  from the will or from one’s own choice or consent; unconstrained by interference. 

These definitions are obviously similar because they are both related to internal motives and are based on personal interests.  However, there are many times when volunteering is not voluntary.  Have you been involved in these “non-voluntary” types of volunteering events?  Are there still rewards from even times like these?  I believe there are, if we can get past ourselves to see them.  The goal is to simplify Volunteer Management.

Reactions to Volunteering

Do you immediately raise your hand when volunteers are requested?  Or do you look for the quickest place to hide in order to avoid volunteering at all costs?  Both of these reactions come from internal drives and are based on personal enthusiasm.  The volume of opportunities and organizations that needs volunteers seems endless because the number of needs to meet is endless. 

We are needy people.  God made us to need Him the most, but I doubt He ranks in most people’s top 5 list.

We need ­­­­__________ and __________ and __________, fill in the blanks that best apply to the needs YOU have.


10 Tips for Successful Volunteer Drives

  1. Impress potential volunteers by managing your next Volunteer drive with online sign-up sheets that provide a higher level of organization.
  2. Provide consistent contacts with all volunteers to gain their ongoing support.
  3. Take every opportunity to promote the positive benefits of volunteering.
  4. Never underestimate the value of planning.
  5. Constant communication of details is key to recruiting and retaining volunteers from event to event.
  6. Make it a family affair.
  7. Create a motivating environment by encouraging new ideas and implementing suggestions.
  8. Delegate a majority of the duties to others so you can welcome and direct the volunteers when they arrive.
  9. If creating a donation list, or if you have specific donation needs, create an online list of “suggested” wish list items.
  10. Provide plenty of thanks, recognition and results back to your volunteers at the conclusion of the event.


Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you and will increase the success of all your Volunteer drives!  For ideas on creative ways to volunteer and help others click here.



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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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