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The Central Arkansas Area Command Salvation Army using MTN

The Central Arkansas Area Command Salvation Army using MTN

How MTN has impacted individuals in Arkansas through The Central Arkansas Area Command Salvation Army.

Beth just recently lost her job working for a local doctors office. For the next 3 months she spent the majority of her time trying to find employment to make ends meet for her family. Struggling to pay her utility bills and to give her daughter some sense of a normal Christmas she went to her local Salvation Army center for support.

There she applied for an opportunity to receive help by getting her daughter added to the local Angel Tree Campaign. For months her daughter continued to mention that all she wanted for Christmas is a mini-play kitchen. Knowing how expensive her daughter’s gift was she doubtfully added the request to the Angel Tree in hopes of receiving something even if it wasn’t the mini-play kitchen.

After a few weeks she returned to the Salvation Army to pick up her items. When she arrived at the distribution center she was greeted by a volunteer that was pushing a large cart. As the cart got closer to her she realized that it was a mini- kitchen! She began to cry and hugged the volunteer. ” that was one of the greatest moments I can remember since working here. The funniest days of the year is during the holiday distribution were you can see reactions from families in need. – Kathy Barbeire

The Salvation Army in Central Arkansas uses Meet The Need for online outreach to receive volunteers. With the Holiday being their busiest season, the Salvation Army broadcast their open opportunities to serve and meet the needs of thousands of individuals in the Central Arkansas community.

The well-known Angel Tree Campaign will give donations to 3,000 children over this holiday season. “The key to being successful is early planning’ said Kathy who started posting needs several months ago to be prepared for this season.

The Salvation Army is known for its holiday campaigns and events like The Angel Tree, and The Red Kettle campaigns but want volunteers to know that while the abundance of support through the holiday season is greatly appreciated; they are also in need of support throughout the entire year. They also host an annual Luncheon Gala and Music Education Summer Camps that you can also support. Form more information about The Salvation Army Central Arkansas Command Contact Kathy Barbeire.




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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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