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Enabling The Hands And Feet Of Jesus – An Innovation For The 21st Century Church

Enabling The Hands And Feet Of Jesus – An Innovation For The 21st Century Church

Meet The Need’s founder Jim Morgan

shares his heart and passion for seeing the Church

be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community

Overflow Magazine recently interviewed Meet The Need founder, Jim Morgan, and shared the mission and exciting growth of this ministry in the July 2012 issue.  In the article, Jim shares his testimony and how Meet The Need’s unique platform for church outreach management was born and developed.

The article tells the awesome testimony of God working in one man’s life to orchestrate a career and experiences to inspire a vision that would transform that life in radical ways. From an ordinary life focused on ordinary things, Jim’s surrender to the inspiration of God led to the application of years of study and pursuit in the world to removing barriers that have kept the Church from fulfilling her purpose in our communities.

In 2000, Jim was confronted with the inability of his church, and so many other churches, to connect his talents, resources, and interests to meeting needs throughout the church and the greater community in an efficient or meaningful way. Jim’s experience in business and technology told him there must be a better way. But up to that point, “no one [had implemented] a technology solution to put all of [the needs] on the same platform to connect and mobilize communities.”

Over the next several years, he created and tested a system to do just that. The system was launched initially with a group of leaders in churches and local ministry organizations in the Tampa, Florida area. The response and the impact in Tampa have been really exciting. Lives are being impacted and the Gospel is being shared throughout the local communities as Christians throughout the Tampa Bay area work together in a greater spirit of unity than ever before.

Last year, Meet The Need was implemented in five more cities and this year the ministry has gone nationwide working with churches in 29 states and partnering with many large ministry organizations to mobilize ministry and church volunteers across America to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The Overflow Magazine article explains that MTN is a “private-labeled connection system that takes posted needs of a ministry and instantly communicates those needs to their partner churches, volunteers, or donors.  Users run Meet The Need’s search engine, software, and database through their own website – meaning the needs appear directly on the organization’s website. Churches and ministries can use Meet The Need to manage all ministry, missions, and benevolence activities with ease.  …The best part is it’s free!”

Meet The Need Ministries is supported by donations from organizations, churches, and individuals to enable them to be able to share the platform with churches and ministries free of charge. You can help by sharing Meet The Need with churches, share with ministries, or businesses where you attend, serve, or work.  Read and share the Overflow magazine article and contact Meet The Need for more information.

Overflow Magazine is distributed in over 50 churches, Salvation Army stores, Sweetbay, and Publix Supermarkets across Tampa Bay.


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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