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Uniting & Mobilizing Ministry and Church Volunteers Across America

Uniting & Mobilizing Ministry and Church Volunteers Across America

Meet The Need Goes National


Our vision since the beginning has been to empower ministry and church volunteers to meet people’s needs in their local community. By harnessing, advanced Internet-based technology we’ve realized that dream uniting churches and ministries to serve those in need. Meet the Need is itself a ministry answering God’s call to empower the church and ministries to give people help and hope in the name of Christ. And, now God has opened the door for Meet the Need (MTN) to expand nationwide in partnership with some of the largest churches and ministry organizations in the country. In his obedience to God’s calling, our founder and president Jim Morgan has worked tirelessly to formalize strategic relationships which position MTN to reach potentially thousands of churches and ministries across the U.S. which we announced this week in a nationwide press release.

The innovative, web-based ministry and church volunteer management platform provides best-practice solutions for

  • Volunteer Management
  • Case Management
  • Event Management
  • Charity Drives
  • International Missions

Until now, no one ministry and church volunteer management system existed to help organize all of the work involved in serving the community.


The Challenge

Mobilizing church members in the 21st century to meet a vast, rising sea of needs is a challenge that is increasingly difficult to address with last-millennium bulletin boards, sticky notes and sign-up sheets.  The needs are real, church members are willing to meet those needs, but the process to connect the two is usually broken, even in very large churches.  This was all too apparent to Jim over a decade ago while attending a large church in Atlanta.  He asked about opportunities to be a church volunteer in his community, but the church couldn’t help him find a way to leverage his skills and willingness to share them because it simply didn’t know the needs in the community.  Check out Jim’s story by watching This short Video.


The Solution

Jim, has an MBA from a top business school, in addition to experience as an investment banker on Wall Street and 15 years as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies. He realized that the same Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management solutions he was helping corporations implement could likewise allow Christians to reach out to those in need.  Now here in 2012 following years of extensive piloting, focus groups, beta testing and over 600 live rollouts in selected major cities, Meet The Need has launched nationally, empowering ministry and church volunteers across the U.S.


The Real-Life Application

Meet The Need’s mission:

“To mobilize and equip the Church

To lead millions more to Christ

By following Jesus’ example

Of meeting those in need exactly where they are.”


is fulfilled by giving each church and ministry powerful tools for managing all aspects of local missions, seamlessly connecting them all “behind the scenes” on a shared platform.  Meet The Need greatly extends any church’s effectiveness outside its four walls.


“Not only does Meet The Need release the bottleneck at the church staff level in delivering serving opportunities to your congregation, but it empowers individuals to put their faith into action,” said Kim Crosby, missions and outreach representative of the 2,500+-member Van Dyke Church in the Tampa Bay area.

“Meet The Need took advantage of society’s growing thirst for Internet technology as a means to communicate with our volunteers’ busy schedules,” said Tim Marks,president of Metropolitan Ministries. “We saved almost 300 hours of time spent on the telephone signing up volunteers.”

During Christmas 2011 MTN facilitated most major ministry and church volunteer outreach activities in the Tampa Bay area, demonstrating what a connected community looks like. The activities included toy, food and backpack drives conducted by Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army and the YMCA, large collaborative events such as Feed the Bay, and normal holiday volunteering through local charities, such as Metropolitan Ministries and Emergency Care Help Organization.  Check out this local news report on Meet The Need.


What’s Next?

A church or ministry can get started by going to   As a non-profit, Meet The Need’s services are offered at no charge, but suggested donation levels are provided.

We are excited to continue existing relationships and start new partnerships in cities all across America with the purpose of uniting and mobilizing the Body of Christ in meeting people’s needs through ministry and church volunteer management using Internet technologies. We invite you to learn more about MTN here.


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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