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Why are we serving? – Transforming Your Church Part 3

Why are we serving? – Transforming Your Church Part 3

Just as there is a purpose in going in taking a class of students on a field trip, there should be even more purpose in transforming lives into a lifestyle of serving.  The intent and motivation of WHY we are serving brings the end result to the forefront.

Service is the ultimate growth model for a church.  The best church growth plan was the first church plan in Acts.  It was about healing, feeding, and selling all they owned to help those in need.  It wasn’t focused on top notch worship or the most inspirational and relevant sermons.  Demonstrating God’s love is far more powerful than just hearing or talking about it.  It was well said by Saint Francis of Assisi “Preach the Gospel at all times – if necessary, use words”.

Jesus knew people often can’t see past their physical needs to even think about their spiritual  needs.  He knew He had to meet them right where they were.  That’s why Jesus almost always met a need before He told them who He was.  He fed, healed, or counseled those in need (i.e. the woman at the well in John 4), then He told them He was the Son of God.

We should be building a relationship with people through serving their physical needs and then tell them where that love comes from and why we are so compelled to share it with others  – Jesus Christ.

Ask yourself as a church. “Are we serving to . . .”

            connect our members together?

            lead more people to a decision of salvation? 

            bring people to Christ with a plan to disciple them? 

            fill the physical needs of those less fortunate? 

            encourage people to come to our church (increase membership)? 

            serve with other churches and ministries to  unite the body of Christ?                                                                                                                           

More than likely, the reason why you are serving is more than one reason above.  Based on your answers, articulate WHY your church will serve/or is serving others in the community.  Have a purpose statement just for your outreach is a great foundation to leading your members to move in the community.  It could be something as simple as

Serve, Love, Have Fun . .. Share Christ!  

Next blog we will talk about WHO will serve, WHO will lead, and WHO will be served.  Would love to hear from you! :)


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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