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Who will serve, lead, and be served? – Transforming Your Church Part 4

Who will serve, lead, and be served? – Transforming Your Church Part 4

WHO will serve?

This is obviously a key area, and again will vary by church.  Many churches  are already infused with an energy and desire to serve.  Others are in different places in their local outreach paths.  An objective assessment in this area will drive your plans for communication and who you will equip to serve. 

Some key questions to consider are:

  • Will our entire congregation serve together?
  • Will our small groups serve together (Sunday school, lifegroups, etc)?
  • Will our internal ministries serve together (children’s, youth, greeters)?
  • Will new attendees, members,staff,elders serve?
  • Will guests be encouraged to serve (neighbors, co-workers, etc)?
  • Will families serve together (what ages are appropriate)?

 WHO will lead?

As with any core value of a church, it is imperative to have someone who is the catalyst for the vision, evaluation, and forward movement of that value.  Serving outside the four walls of your church should be a part of your core values.  It is still crucial to have someone who has a passion for local outreach to commit to the overall value.    

Some key questions to consider are:

  • Will it be a Pastor, Director, Administrator, or Volunteer? 
  • Which ministry leadership will it fall under in your church structure? Local Missions, Discipleship, Benevolence, etc.
  • Is the person empowered and equipped to carry out the outreach mission of the church effectively?

 WHO will we serve?

There are many, many opportunities to serve outside the four walls of your church.  Determining the people groups you are being called to help, the community ministries you partner or will partner with, and the ability to serve individual families in need are a significant part of the organizing and preparing your church to serve.     

 Some key questions to consider are:

  • WHO needs to be served in our city?            

                                      Homeless                                 Public Schools                   Healthcare

                                      Less Fortunate                       Youth                                   Families

                                      Disabled                                    Business                               Orphans                    

  • What community organizations/ministries are providing services AND the gospel of Christ?  Do we currently partner with any? 
  • Do we want to focus on specific needs and community ministries? OR Do we simply want to give an “open window” to our members to search and fill community needs?
  • Do we have the ability within our congregation to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of individual families in the community?
  • Do we want to find the needs of families in the community for our members to adopt? OR Do we simply want our members to see and fill the needs as posted by other organizations.

We encourage you not to duplicate what is already being done, but direct your members to serve the many needs of the community through agencies that are already serving the people in need.  Churches and minsitries should be united as one body to make more of impact in Jesus’ name.


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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