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Church, Business,Community and God?

Church, Business,Community and God?

How can we translate aspects of our career and jobs in  working American,Church Administration and  ministry  into serving outside of our parameters?

Our Guest Blogger for this week is Amanda N.Jackson of Current Connections Consulting.

In defining the relationship of the Church and the community, I am reminded of stewardship. God’s first commandment to man was in Genesis 1: 28, “And God said unto them…take heed to the Land and oversee every living thing in the Garden of Eden.” Sure God meant, in the literal sense to roam and take care of the Earth, but is there perhaps figurative meaning?

Some church goers draw a line between religion and other aspects of life, civic responsibilities in particular, and restrict Christianity to what happens in Church  Sunday School, Sunday worship, in Bible Studies and Prayer meetings, to acts of charity and to the necessary transaction of church business.

Christ commissioned us to make disciples and bring new sheep into the fold. That work is easier when those we reach out to can consider their spirituality in every act of life.

– Amanda N. Jackson of Current Connections Consulting.

This transitions us out of the perceived lines of business and our religion and  the mentality of not intermixing the two. As businessmen and church staff members we must open our minds to what we can do to serve the community outside of our perceived job descriptions. Stewardship is about us taking care of everything that God has blessed us with.

As quoted by Amanda in Genesis 1:28, “God has blessed us with dominion over the land and all it’s inhabitants.” God has given dominion to us not man. Man has set parameters to our responsibilities but we can’t allow our parameters to limit us from fulfilling our God given authority to draw men unto him.


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