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Christianity is unique among the religions of the world.  Only Christians believe in the need for a Savior.  That concept, very simply, defines who we are and what we believe.  Personally, it is the reason why I am absolutely certain that my faith is not in vain…because I know that I’m a sinner in dire need of a Savior! 

Christianity forces us to admit that we cannot earn our salvation because we are not worthy of God…no matter how many good works we do, no matter how kind and considerate we are.  Only those humble enough to recognize their frailties as humans can accept that they need the sacrifice Jesus made for us to bridge the enormous gap between our sinful nature and the holiness of almighty God!

It follows that humility is probably the single most important trait of any Christian.  Conversely, arrogance is the trait that does more to separate people from God than any other.

My wife recently pointed me to an article in a fitness magazine about a famous model who wrote a book about yoga.   A few quotes from the article caught my eye:

  •  “I truly believe that we have the answers within us, but it takes incredible discipline and hard work to find them.”
  • “Yoga has taught me that health and well-being are where true beauty lies.”
  • “Being receptive to different views and perspectives allows for unlimited horizons of spiritual potential.”
  • “Align yourself with the universe, becoming conscious of your inner self as well as everything around you.”

Eastern religions put forth some very attractive notions.  That we are in control, that we don’t need God or a Savior, that have no accountability except to ourselves, and that we possess limitless “spiritual” powers, which we can uncover if we look deep enough inside ourselves.  All other religions I’ve studied have a similar undertone…a message that says “YOU can control your eternal destiny by living a certain way or doing certain things”.  It certainly is an enticing message, one that people want to believe because it elevates humans, focuses on controllable actions, and removes faith from the equation.

Relatively speaking, Christianity is an “unattractive” religion to most people.  Who wants to hear that they are a sinner who has no say in their salvation except to accept the gift of Christ’s sacrifice for us?  The answer…only a humble person!


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The 5 Steps to Revitalize Your Church

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